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Friday, July 4, 2008

Top Chef In Brooklyn ?????

Bravo's top-rated and highly acclaimed reality food show, Top Chef, has big plans for the fifth season. Like real estate, it's all about location, location, location and Top Chef has chosen a most unique place, somewhere you might not guess in a game of 20 questions. I'm not going to reveal the place until after the jump, because there may be some of you out there that want to be surprised.

Just to recap, Top Chef has already spent seasons in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. They've also had special episodes and finales in Napa Valley, Las Vegas, Hawaii and Aspen and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Traveling to interesting and even exotic locales is part of the fun, giving the contestants a chance to incorporate the regional foods and the style of that part of the world.

Okay, if the suspense is getting to you -- I know it is -- go to the jump and see where season five of Top Chef is going to be...

BROOKLYN! No, I'm not kidding. The new season of Top Chef will reportedly be set in Williamsburg, Brooklyn -- hometown of Barbra Streisand. (She grew up at the corner of Newkirk and Nostrand Avenue, if you want to be precise.) Also Barbara Stanwyck, Mae West and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Seriously, this isn't as bizarre as you might think. Brooklyn is New York. It's one of the five boroughs and it's quite trendy and gentrified, as they say in NYC. There are great studios out there -- I remember going to Brooklyn when Another World filmed there, in the same studios that now house As the World Turns.

Also, some of the most amazing restaurants and chefs are in the metropolitan area, including season one winner Harold Dieterle. Peter Luger's, the number one steakhouse in the world for 24 years and running, is in Brooklyn. There'll be no shortage of guest judges or restaurants. It's actually an excellent choice.

Top Chef contestants probably will be bunking in a Brooklyn townhouse or loft, and they're putting together a new kitchen and studio set as speak. TC isn't the only reality show that'll be shooting in Brooklyn; MTV's The Real World is also going to be filming there in the upcoming season.
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